Filter replacement CE-Series

Below you will find instructions for changing the air filter on your CE series heat pump.
It is important to change the air filter regularly, preferably 2-4 times a year. You will receive a signal or message on the display when it is time to change the filter.

  1. When you get a signal or message on the display that it is time to change the air filter, acknowledge the signal or turn off the alarm by pressing Enter.
  2. Before opening the heat pump, press the down arrow (Off) to turn off the fan and compressor.
  3. Remove the upper front cover by lifting it upwards-outwards.
  4. Loosen the three screws on the top right to open the filter cover.
  5. Fold the bottom edge of the filter upwards and pull it out.
  6. Insert a new filter with the firmer side down and make sure it is touching the plate.
  7. Screw the filter cover and put the front cover in place.
  8. Press the up arrow (On) and the fan will start again. After a delay of a few minutes, the compressor also starts.
  9. Exit by pressing Enter.