About ComfortZone

Welcome to our store! Here you will find original filters specially developed to fit our heat pumps and supply air units. In addition to this, we also offer a selection of accessories to complete your system.

By investing in original filters that are tailored to your specific unit, you help extend the life and effectiveness of your heat pump. When replacing the supply air unit, you ensure that the air quality in your home remains optimal. Correct maintenance is the key to sustainable and efficient operation.

Extract air heat pumps models EX and RX:

  • It is important to carry out regular cleaning of the filter every three months to avoid the accumulation of dust and other particles.
  • To guarantee the best possible performance, the filter should be changed once a year.

Heat pump heater RX20:

  • A cleaning should be done every six months to maintain the system's efficiency and prevent contamination.
  • Replace if necessary.

Supply air unit:

  • We recommend cleaning every six months to ensure airflow remains high and efficient.
  • An annual change of air filter is strongly recommended to maintain a high indoor air quality.

Following these simple maintenance steps can play a big role in extending the life of your unit, reducing energy consumption and ensuring that you and your loved ones are breathing clean and fresh air. Explore our range today and take the first step towards a better indoor environment.

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